Store Release Notes

1. Disciplines Page

  • Improved the overall layout of the Disciplines page
  • Now when navigating to the Disciplines page - you will discover the Top Six Disciplines in a block format / layout:
    • Social Sciences
    • English & College Success
    • Professional Career & Trade
    • Business & Economics
    • Allied Health & Medical
    • Mathematics & Statistics
  • Clicking on a "Discipline Block" lands you on that selected Discipline's page
  • Notice other disciplines are still accessible in the left navigation menu

2. Packages

  • Packages are now supported in the Store as flagged for sell accordingly
  • Searching on a package title or keyword within a package - returns the package in the Search results

Package Search Results Page

  • Searching on a package SKU displays the Product Details Page (PDP) of the package and lists all titles available within the package

Package Product Details page

  • What is a package? Added informational text for packages. Hovering or clicking the informational tooltip icon displays relative text:  "A package contains multiple products, which are not available for individual purchase."

  • Individual titles within a package (are not available for sell)
    • For example: you are not able to select an individual title (on the package Product Details page) and land on the PDP of the title to purchase
    • To purchase a title that is part of a package, you must discover the title by searching on the name or ISBN to land on the PDP of the title
  • Purchasing a package:
    • To purchase a package is no different than purchasing any other item
      • From the Product Details page - simply click "Add to Cart" and proceed to checkout to complete your purchase
      • The Order Confirmation page appears, and clicking the "Read Now" button launches your Bookshelf account so you can begin enjoying the contents within your package
      • A separate order confirmation email is generated for packages. What does this mean? If your transaction contains multiple items and one or more of those items is a package - you will receive multiple Order Confirmation emails: 1) For the individual items (that are NOT packages), and 2) For the package.
    • A snippet of the Order Confirmation email for a package is captured in the screenshot below:


1AU Store

  • Enabled Sampling for AU Store

2. Search

  • Updated text in Search bar and Search Results page to reference Sampling (for AU Store)

3. My Dashboard

  • Added Page Label: "My Dashboard" on the Educator's Dashboard Home page


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