Bookshelf Online: Review Mode and Bookshelf Labs

Review Mode is now available for Bookshelf Online through our new Labs Feature

Bookshelf Online is introducing its first “Lab” experience with Review Mode. Bookshelf Labs are features that are in progress meant for investigational testing and user feedback to continuously improve the student learning experience. Review Mode is a study tool created to allow students a focused way to study subscribed and personal notes and highlights.

Why does Review Mode Matter?

Flipping through notes and highlights is part of the study process, but often just scanning the notebook doesn’t give the background context surrounding each item. However, browsing through the book for each note and highlight can be unwieldy and distracting. Review Mode allows the learner to look at the study item (note or highlight) in context with the book, without the distraction of a full reading mode. It also allows for focused learning on certain topics so that they aren’t overwhelmed with content. 

How does Review Mode work?

  1. Create a minimum of 20 highlights in a single textbook and click on the notebook panel. You will then be prompted to try out labs and review mode. Click “Try it Out.”

  1. The labs' panel will open. You can use review mode via the labs' panel by clicking “Go” or via your notebook by clicking “Review Notebook.”

  2. Customize your review and click Start Review, for further customization, click Options. The Options tab allows for specific highlighter choice and randomization

  3. Review Mode begins with your book on the left and the specific study item on the right. You can progress forwards and backward with the buttons on the right side of the screen and exit at any time. At the top right is a progress bar.

  4. When you complete review mode, you may be asked to rate the feature

  5. After this screen, you can, Review Again, create a New Review, or Exit Review Mode

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