Review Mode for Bookshelf Online

Review Mode for Bookshelf Online

Bookshelf Online Review Mode is a study tool created to allow students a focused way to study subscribed and personal notes and highlights.


Why does Review Mode Matter?

Flipping through notes and highlights is part of the study process, but often just scanning the notebook doesn’t give the background context surrounding each item. However, browsing through the book for each note and highlight can be unwieldy and distracting. Review Mode allows the learner to look at the study item (note or highlight) in context with the book, without the distraction of a full reading mode. It also allows for focused learning on specific topics so that they aren’t overwhelmed with content. 


How does Review Mode work?

  1. When in your book you will want to go to the Notebook. To get to the click on the Notebook icon highlighted below.

  2. To start Review Mode select the option highlighted in red below.

  3. Next is the option to Customize Your Review. Note: when using for the first time you will be prompted with How To Popups.

  4. Throughout the Review Mode, you will have the following options, Exit (upper left of the window) and Previous/Next (within the actual highlight/note you created). You will also see the percentage you are within that review, 100% means you have completed 100% of the evaluation of your text.

Note: if you do not have any highlights/notes in your eTextbook there will be no option for Review. The Review Mode is only a feature for Bookshelf Online only and is not available in the downloadable Bookshelf App.



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