VitalSource Content Studio 1.3 Release Notes - August 2, 2016

1. Table Block: Authors can now create tables when building content in their VCS product via a table block.

2. HTML Embed Block: Authors can now include embeddable HTML code in their products. For example, they can now copy and paste embed code for linking to individual YouTube videos.

3. Informative Design for Empty Blocks: Authors can now build the format of a product screen with empty blocks as placeholders for content. Empty blocks now display an informative icon and instruction line so that authors can easily see what content is expected in a given block. This is a helpful enhancement for author teams who want to build the structure of their screens in advance of populating the blocks with content.

4. Video Closed Captions - Authors can upload a Web VTT file to provide closed captioning for video files.  Additionally, the same Web VTT file can be used to populate a video transcript.

5. Print Essay Blocks - Students can now print the contents of a VCS essay block from Bookshelf via a Print button. If the student has entered an answer into the block, the answer is also included in the print-out. This provides a means for students to preserve their essay answers in the absence of any mechanism to save or report on their work.