VitalSource - How we envision the AI and ChatGPT activities in the market


How does VitalSource envision the AI and ChatGPT activities in the market?

  1. Our data scientist team, and learning platform engineers have long been involved in various AI activities, tracing back to their work in the creation of the Carnegie Mellon University Open Learning Initiative (

  2. We believe in the ability for AI to impact student learning in positive and effective ways. This is reflected by our investment in our award winning Bookshelf feature called 'CoachMe' which leverages AI to automatically generate formative practice questions which are embedded directly inside of Bookshelf - and which maintains the requirement that students have a current license to the underlying eTextbook.

    VitalSource Receives Industry Award for AI-Powered Study Coach  
    VitalSource Honored as Finalists for Innovative Use of AI to Improve Student Learning

  3. Content delivered to VitalSource for use by students in Bookshelf is always protected by VitalSource’s DRM and content security precautions. Systems like ChatGPT which scrape content from the open internet for use in large language model training are completely blocked from accessing 100% of Bookshelf content. Content is retrievable only for logged-in users with a current valid license to that product. Content source files that are delivered to VitalSource by the publisher are never exposed to access outside of our secured systems.

  4. Our Terms and Conditions of Use explicitly state that users with a license to content cannot copy that content and put it on another site (such as ChatGPT), which our DRM helps enforce while enabling access.

  5. All VitalSource associates are required to abide by our internal Generative AI Policy which covers the use of Generative AI, Protection of Personal Identifiable Information (PII), Prohibition of Use of Copyrighted Publisher Data, Protection of Proprietary and Confidential Information, Policy Violations, and other internal matters.




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