Bookshelf 4.1 for Android Release Notes - February 5, 2018


Bookshelf Mobile 4.1 for Android and Kindle Fire

We are excited to announce the return of the Library Content Lookup in Bookshelf Android 4.1.

What's new?

  • Content Lookup: Library content search allows users to search for a term across all downloaded books in your library.
  • Password: See password in the password field.

Bug Fixes

  • Addresses a text-to-speech issue that requires users to hit play on each page to continue playing read aloud.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Content Lookup

The content search allows users to search for a term across all downloaded books in their library, making it easier for users with large libraries to find relevant content references quickly.

To access the content lookup, tap on the down arrow in the Library title bar. Tapping on the down arrow will open a drop-down menu where you can select content lookup. A search field will open where you can enter the word or phrase for which you wish to search.

Android_Library.png    Android_Content_Lookup.jpg    Android_Content_Search.png

Select down arrow in Library


Select content lookup


Enter search term(s)

You will see search results for the first book in your library that includes the search term. Tap the down arrow by the book title to open a window that shows all the book titles that contain the search term (in alphabetical order) and the number of times Bookshelf finds your search terms. Selecting a different book title displays the search results from that book. Tap any search term to open the book in the reader to that term.

Android_lookup.png     Android_Results.png     Android_Details.png

Search results by book


Select among books with search results


Search result in reader

Note: navigating to content lookup changes the default view. To return the default view to the library, tap on the down arrow in the Content Lookup title bar then select library in the drop-down menu.