Installing VitalSource Bookshelf 8.0 Limited Beta on Mac OS X 10.10 or Later



Download the Bookshelf 8.0 Limited Beta 

Download the Bookshelf 8.0 installer for macOS

Click the Download Bookshelf Button to download the Bookshelf 8.0 installer to your Mac.


Install Bookshelf


Double-click on the VitalSource_Bookshelf_8.0.dmg to open the installer.  Drag the Bookshelf 8.0 icon to the Applications folder. You may be required to enter your macOS X account credentials to complete the installation of Bookshelf.  


Launch Bookshelf and Sign-In 


After installing Bookshelf on your Mac, Double-click on the Bookshelf icon to launch Bookshelf.  Sign in with your Bookshelf ID and password.

VitalSource Bookshelf is free to install on your supported Mac.
If you cannot remember your password, reset it here.  If you do not remember what email address you used with VitalSource, contact support and they will help.
You can authorize up to two computers and two mobile devices, which means that you can read your content on up to two different computers and two different phones and tablets. For help with managing your authorized mobile devices, visit our article on Managing Your Authorizations.
Bookshelf 8.0 is a limited beta and is in active development; some features and functionality may not yet be available.  Please check with your VitalSource Customer Success Manager for more details. 
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