Bookshelf Online: Update your language more easily in Bookshelf Online - May 21, 2018


At VitalSource, one of our core missions is to “Improve learning outcomes and affordability, at scale.” As a global product used on every continent (we have even had users in Antarctica!), we are committed to all of our users. One way we service our worldwide population is by ensuring that our content is localized. Currently, we are localized in 37 languages to make your reading experience the best possible. In an effort to continue to provide superior support to our users, we are making language selection even easier in Bookshelf Online.



How does this work today?

Currently, for Bookshelf Online, we allow for users to set their language preference upon login or for institutions to set language preference when they create a branded Bookshelf with VitalSource. For our native clients, the applications auto-detect your system settings and use that as a guide for setting the correct language.



How will this work in the future?

Bookshelf Native clients will have no change. Bookshelf Online will continue to support changing your language. Upon sign in and will respect a branded site’s preferred language. There will be no change there. We are adding three additional ways to update or change your language.


VitalSource Bookshelf will auto-detect the browser language and set the language at login. Should you wish to have a different Language, you can change this at login or via the new methods two and three below.



Account Menu

From the Library Account Menu, scroll down to Language and select the language of your choice.



Settings Panel

From the Setting Panel (in the Reader), go to Language and select the language of your choice.