Bookshelf Online: Notifications coming to Bookshelf Online - May 21, 2018


"Your Book has been automatically updated", Notifications coming to Bookshelf Online

Bookshelf always gives students and publishers the advantage of instant book updates, to best ensure that students Receive the most up-to-date content. If the publisher corrects an error, our users get it fixed instantaneously. If the publisher adds a new chapter or section to the current addition, our users benefit by receiving the update as soon as they log in. To alert users about these changes, we are adding in-library notifications.  These notifications alert users to updates in their titles as soon as they are live.

How does this work today?

Currently, for Bookshelf Online, we update the content automatically, but when a user is Online, they do not receive any indication that the title updates. When you are using our native clients, users get prompts to download the newer version of the material. Matching our native experience, users will see these notifications as well, but for the Online view, the book will update automatically, and users will not need to take any action. 

How will this work in the future?

There will be no change for Bookshelf Native clients. Bookshelf Online will show notifications within the library.  Click View Book in the notification or launch the book to dismiss the notification. You can also click the X in the corner of the notification to snooze it.  Instantaneously updated books mean users can enjoy the ease of Bookshelf, knowing that their books are always up to date.



What happens if I have lots of updated books?

Users will see a notification with the number of books updated and the ability to filter your library to show your updated books.



When you click the View updated books notification, Bookshelf filters your library to show the recently updated titles. 



Use our new filter at any time by selecting “Recently updated books” from the filter menu