Bookshelf® Mac Desktop 8.0 - Transition Guide

We are excited to announce the release of the Bookshelf Mac 8.0 desktop app. The new version of Bookshelf includes an updated interface, making it easier and more intuitive to navigate.

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Download Bookshelf 8

Visit the Bookshelf 8 download page to get started with Bookshelf 8.  


We redesigned the library and organized into swim lanes. We have added a Collections folder and an Options menu that enables you to filter the library view. We also replaced the Inside the Book feature with a search field that you can use to locate a book by title, VBID or author. You can also perform a content search for a keyword across all downloaded books in your library.

Bookshelf 7.5.1 Library View

Bookshelf 8 Library View

Library Options


Collections View


The Reader left navigation bar now includes icons for search, table of contents, notebook, bookmarks, and figures. 

Bookshelf 7.5.1 Reader

Bookshelf 8 Reader

A collapsible bottom navigational toolbar includes the go-to-page, bookmark, font size, TTS, citations, and URL copy options.

Table of Contents

In addition to a new design, the table of contents has a new search field to locate top-level and sub-chapters quickly.

Bookshelf 7.5.1 Table of Contents:

Bookshelf 8.0 Table of Contents:

In Book Search

In Book Search has a new design with similar functionality  

Bookshelf 7.5.1 Search:

Bookshelf 8 Search:

Creating a Highlight and Note

In addition to a design update, we simplified the process for making a highlight. Select the text and click the highlighter from the context menu. To change the color of a previously made highlight, click on the highlighted text and select a new color. Notes can be added to a highlight using the context menu or the notebook panel.

Bookshelf 7.5.1 Highlights and Notes: 

Bookshelf 8.0 Highlights and Notes:



We added a search field and a new options menu that combines the filter and sort options. You may also navigate to a highlight or note in the text by clicking on the passage in the notebook.

Bookshelf 7.6.1 Notebook:

Bookshelf 8.0 Notebook:


Manage Highlighters

We added a manage highlighters panel which enables users to create, edit, and delete highlighters in a unified window.

Bookshelf 8.0 Manage Highlighters Panel:



The updated figures panel now includes chapter level navigation and the ability to search for figures by their caption.  If a title does not support figures, Bookshelf disables the Figures icon. 

Bookshelf 7.5.1 Figures View:

Bookshelf 8.0 Figures View:

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