Course settings

Navigate to Course Settings from the Profile Menu or from the My Courses page.

  • View course information and manage users.
  • Adjust assessments settings, which apply to the entire course.


Depending on the policy of your institution, after clicking Course Settings you will be able to view or control parameters for your course. Within Course Settings you will find these tabs: 




General Tab

Information about the course can be adjusted using the General tab. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required. Here you can review or update these fields:

  • Title
  • Course key (review only)
  • Institution name
  • Start date (does not affect access)
  • End date (does not affect access; this date only determines whether appears in the "finished" section of My Courses)
  • Time zone


Start and end dates impact when students can enroll in the course through your Learning Management System (LMS) such as Blackboard. These dates do not control access to the course; that is controlled through your LMS. 


Course Labels Tab

Customize the default names of activity and assessment types found within the course. 


Student Guidance & Adaptivity Tab

Choose whether Learning Objectives are revealed to students within the course and which activities and assessments are graded or measure student progress. 


Roster Tab

This tab provides a list of anyone enrolled in the course as a student or instructor. Users who enter the course through an LMS (Blackboard, D2L, Moodle, etc.) will be automatically assigned the role (or equivalent role) that they currently have in the LMS. 

Assessment Settings Tab

Make adjustments to these settings: 

  • Number of attempts students have on assessments
  • How scores are recorded in the Gradebook: First attempt, Last attempt (default value), Maximum, Average.
  • Feedback availability
  • Late Work acceptance settings


Personal Practice (Apply What You Know) Tab

Personal Practice / Apply What You Know activities measure a student's understanding of Learning Objectives to tailor a unique path through the work. In these activities every student is presented with the same core questions; if a student has a moderate or low Learning Estimate on any Learning Objective in the course, scaffolding questions will be added to the activity to bolster learning. Personal Practice assessments have only one set of questions. Multiple unique attempts are not possible.

Note: This is not available in all courses. Settings can only be adjusted before students begin work in a Personal Practice / Apply What You Know activity.

Before a student begins a Personal Practice / Apply What You Know you have the option to make them scored for completion, scored for a grade, or un-scored. The default state is Scored for Completion. If you choose to make Personal Practice scored, only the core group of questions will be scored. This way, every student will be exposed to the same set of question for scoring purposes. 



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