Gradebook Navigation

Understanding the Gradebook


The Gradebook provides insight into student work: instructors can view student scores as well as student answers on assessments, change scores, and access detailed assessment reports.

Access the Gradebook through the Profile Menu: 



Navigation Tools


The Gradebook includes a filter to select the number of student entries shown and a search field. Both of these tools help instructors personalize their view of the Gradebook. 

The Show filter allows changes to the number of students that appear on your screen. To view the entire class on one screen, select the interval that is greater than the number of students in your class.


The Search tool allows instructors to search and locate a specific student in the Gradebook. To use the tool, type a student name into the search field and press enter.


Exporting Data 

The Gradebook can be exported into a spreadsheet file. Once downloaded, the file can be opened in Microsoft Excel, Google Docs Numbers for Mac or other spreadsheet software.

To Export the Gradebook, click the Export Data button on the upper right side of the Gradebook screen. 


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