The Answer Key


Acrobatiq courses include two types of Answer Keys for assessments. Both are available to instructors and mentors, but not to students. 

Page-level answer keys reveal correctness and targeted feedback for all the questions in the practice activities. Click the answer key button and the page will reload in Answer Key mode. When you navigate to another page you must engage answer key mode again:



In Answer Key mode hidden information about all questions on the page is revealed:

  • the correctness of each answer option
  • the accompanying targeted feedback for each option
  • hints, if any
  • the skills each question assesses; each skill is a component of the page's learning objective


Assessment-Level Answer Keys reveal all the questions available in that assessment. An assessment may have many sets of questions available in order to provide unique questions for multiple student attempts. These answer keys list every question in the pools as well as targeted feedback.

The assessment-level answer key is a link located in the blue bar of the cover page for a scored assessment:


This Answer Key will appear much like page-level answer key mode. The questions will all appear, along with their assessed skills, hints (rare in scored assessments), answer options, and the options' corresponding correctness and targeted feedback. All questions available on the assessment are listed, even if some of the questions will never be made available to students due to limited attempts.



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