Schedule a Quiz, Checkpoint, or Lab


To schedule quizzes, checkpoints, StatTutors, labs, or other assessments, access the Table of Contents and navigate to the assessment you want to schedule. There are two ways to schedule assessments:  

1. Within the Table of Contents, use the clock icon associated with the assessment you want to schedule:


2. Use the clock icon within any assessment:


Designate availability for the assignment, due dates and times, a time limit, and a grace period for late submission. You can also override the course-level attempts-allowed setting to permit a different number of attempts on this assessment only:




Exceptions: To make exceptions for particular students, click the Add exception for student button at the bottom of the scheduling screen:


Note: The time zone in your user profile governs the time your assessments are due. If you have remote students in a different time zone, those students' due times will adjust accordingly. For instance, an assessment due at 5:00 PM in a course whose instructor has a Los Angeles time zone will display with a due time of 5:00 PM for a student in the same time zone and a due time of 8:00 PM for a student in New York.


Video: Scheduling A Quiz