Canvas: LTI Integration (for Administrators)

The following steps explain how to configure the Canvas environment so that it can launch into Acrobatiq courseware via LTI (learning tools interoperability). 

To set up an LTI integration with Canvas, you will need to add Acrobatiq as an external tool to your instance of Canvas and an LTI link to each course shell.


 Step 1: Add Acrobatiq as an External Tool 

  1. Navigate to Site Admin in Canvas.
  2. Click the Apps tab.
  3. Click + App.
  4. Complete the Add App form using information provided by Acrobatiq Support and click Submit.

Note: If your roles are not configured to automatically pass via LTI, they must be enabled for passage to Acrobatiq.


Step 2: Add LTI Link to Course

This step can be performed by an LMS administrator or faculty member. 

  1. Navigate to the course in Canvas and click +Module to add a module.
  2. From the Add Module pop-up screen, enter a name for the Module and click Add Module.
  3. Once the Module has been added, Click the "+" (plus sign) to the right of the module name.
  4. In the Add Module pop-up screen, select External Tool from the drop-down menu.
  5. Select the Acrobatiq tool by clicking on it. Next, enter your course LTI link in the URL field. Instructors also have the option to have the courseware open within the LMS screen or in a new tab. Once all selections are complete, click Add Item.

Note: When testing this link, a Canvas account with the role of "instructor" should be used, because Acrobatiq is expecting an instructor to use the link to attach an Acrobatiq course to the Canvas class environment. An "admin" role may receive an error.