D2L: LTI Integration (For Admins)

This integration allows instructors and students to access the course via their D2L course without new login information.  It also creates a sync that allows for grades to be synced from Acrobatiq to D2L.

The following steps explain how to configure the D2L environment so that it can launch into Acrobatiq courseware via LTI.

Step 1: Tool Settings

  1. Click External Learning Tools

  2. Click New Link    

  3. Add Tool Provider Settings:

  • Title: Acrobatiq
  • URL: courses.acrobatiq.com 
  • Secret: provided by Acrobatiq Engagement Manager
  • Key: provided by Acrobatiq Engagement Manager
  • Visibility: Allow users to use this tool provider
  • Custom Parameters: None

Select Security Settings listed below:

  • Send tool consumer information to tool provider
  • Send LTI user ID and LTI role list to tool provider
  • Send user email to tool provider
  • Send username to tool provider
  • Send system role to tool provider

Click Save and Close


Step 2: Add LTI Link to Course

This step can be performed by an LMS administrator or faculty member.

  1. Click External Learning Tools   

  2. Click Acrobatiq 

  3. Title: Name of Course

  4. URL: Link for the course 

  5. Key/Secret: Tool consumer key/secret

  6. Visibility: Allow users to view this link

  7. Custom Parameters: None

  8. Security Settings: Use tool provider security settings

  9. Click Save and Close


For this step, you will need to initiate an LTI launch to the Acrobatiq platform via the D2L course as an Instructor (not administrator). This is needed to create the appropriate connection between the D2L section and the Acrobatiq section.
In this step, the instructor is authorizing Acrobatiq to add scores on their behalf to the course gradebook.  The instructor must approve this step. Acrobatiq is only permitted to send scores in that partic­­­­­ular instructor’s gradebook.
This will need to be done for each section of the course. Each instructor will need to launch the course from within D2L to create their section.

Gradebook Integration

To select which graded items sync with your D2L Gradebook, use the Acrobatiq Gradebook Sync Tool. 



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