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  • Browser check tool: (found in the same menu pictured above)
  • Acrobatiq Support does not take action on scored assessments without the express permission of the instructor. These actions include deleting attempts to make more attempts available, amending the schedule, and so on.

If the problem cannot be solved by Northeastern's support staff, please escalate to Acrobatiq Support. Ideally, the Northeastern support representative will collect any information useful in diagnosing the problem:

  • Student name and email
  • The URL of the page where the student is experiencing difficulty. The Northeastern or LEVEL class title usually is not sufficient for identifying the Acrobatiq course.
  • The student's browser and version, and the operating system and version.
  • A clear, highly specific description of the problem. For instance, if a student claims the system isn't marking his answers correct when it should, please ask the student to identify the question text and the answer options that he chose.

If you email Acrobatiq Support directly (, you can expect a response within 48 business-day hours. Acrobatiq will make every effort to respond on the same business day, though a same-day response is not always possible due to Acrobatiq Support ticket volume.


Common Issues or Topics Students Raise

Cannot locate the link to Acrobatiq:

  • In summer 2016, Acrobatiq students will sign in with their accounts here:
  • Students may find links in their class environment in the learning management system (LMS). If they do not, they can navigate to the URL above.
  • Each class's instructor can confirm the location of the Acrobatiq link in the LMS class space.


Cannot sign in – Common reasons students cannot sign in:

  • The student is entering the wrong email address.
  • The student is entering the wrong password.
  • Students commonly change their passwords and then forget the new one.

Cannot find the password-reset link:


Scheduled units and modules:

  • The Table of Contents page includes any schedules that have been applied to units or modules.
  • The arrows on the left side of the Table of Contents reveal the modules within a unit.
  • If a unit has a schedule, it applies to all nested modules and their pages and assessments. 


Scheduled assessments:

  • Assessments are listed on the Table of Contents within the module where they are located.
  • The arrows on the left side of the Table of Contents reveal the modules within a unit, and assessments appear along with the module's learning objectives.
  • If an assessment has a schedule, it appears next to the title of the assessment.
  • The unit or module schedule supersedes the schedule on an assessment. For instance, if no schedule is placed on an assessment, its availability is governed by the unit's or the module's schedule.


Finding scores earned on assessments:

Students can review the scores they've earned on their assessments in multiple locations.

  • On the Table of Contents, the score of record will appear next to the assessment. If multiple attempts are allowed, they are not all visible here.
  • The cover page (the page in the course on which the student is given terms such as schedule, time limit, number of attempts, and scoring method) shows a list of all attempts if multiple attempts are permitted.
  • The My Scores page is a one-entry gradebook. It can be accessed in three locations: on the My Courses page, in the banner at the top of course pages, and in the menu located at the top right of course pages.

Problems submitting assessment attempts: 

Sometimes students report an inability to submit their assessment attempts. They describe the progress meter (a circle of dots in motion) running, followed by the screen fading gray, and no submission being made. This problem is typically the result of an out-of-date browser.

  • Encourage the student to use the Browser Check tool in the menu at the top right of any Acrobatiq page (see screenshot above).
  • Update the browser to the latest version.
  • Switch to a different, more up-to-date browser on the same device.
  • Try a different device.


Reporting content errors and adjusting scores if an error appears in an assessment:

Acrobatiq did not create the content in the Northeastern / LEVEL courses, so the team responsible for creating the content is also responsible for maintaining it and fixing errors. Acrobatiq Support cannot adjust scores in the Gradebook or the My Scores page, nor is there an instructor tool for this purpose. If a student identifies an error that results in lost points on an assessment, these are the steps to take:

  • Encourage the student to consult with the instructor and/or mentor first, to confirm the student's suspicion about the error.
  • The content in all Northeastern / LEVEL courseware is created and maintained by the Northeastern team. Instructors should bring the error to the attention of their contact on the content-creation team.
  • Points can be awarded in the Northeastern gradebook by accounting for the lost points; as of June 2016, Acrobatiq doesn't have the technical ability to adjust the scores.



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