Acrobatiq Release 4.0 is Here!


Acrobatiq is pleased to announce the release of Acrobatiq 4 with a completely new Rich Text and Math Equation Editor in Smart Author™; new capabilities to automate tagging assessments to learning objectives; updates to The Learning Dashboard; and new administrative options for synching Acrobatiq grades with a learning management system.


New Features and Improvements for Course Authors

  • New text and equation editor with enhanced capabilities
  • Ability to enable new Learning Objective auto tagging authoring mode
  • Ability to save projects as favorites in Smart Author and quickly view recent projects
  • Ability to abort a scheduled maintenance batch


New text editor with enhanced capabilities:

Smart Author’s new rich text and equation editor supports pasting content from multiple sources, inserting new file types such as PDFs, a “table creation” feature to produce beautifully formatted tables, enhanced support for MathML, enabling course designers to develop complex equations by selecting symbols from a toolbar and typing variables and numbers, and “Redo” and “Undo” buttons.


Acrobatiq's New Rich Text Editor

New equation editor with simplified interface: 

A more intuitive interface allows for easier input of equations.


New Equation Editor


New Auto Tag Assessments to Learning Objectives:

Smart Author’s new capabilities also include the ability for course designers to automatically tag assessments to learning objectives, making it easier to ensure content and assessments are aligned to specific learning outcomes.


New Auto Tag Feature


Ability to select projects as favorites in Smart Author and quickly view recent projects:

This enhancement allows projects to be designated as favorites. Starred and recent projects are favored for faster loading time, and the last view (tables or cards) is retained.


New Projects Page


Ability to abort a scheduled maintenance batch:

For those customers who use Acrobatiq’s maintenance tool, this allows greater flexibility. Previously, only a pending or staged maintenance batch could be cancelled. 




New Features and Improvements for Instructors:

  • New grade book synching and filtering options when Acrobatiq is used with a learning management system (LMS).
  • Updated Learning Dashboard cards
  • Updated interface on My Courses, Settings, and Table of Contents


Enhancements to LMS Synching:

Instructors using an LMS now have enhanced ability to customize which graded content is synched to their LMS grade book, including the ability to add module numbers, and filter select graded items by group.


LMS Synching Enhancements


Updated Learning Dashboard:

With Acrobatiq 4, several dashboard cards have been revised to improve usability.  For example, on the How Well Are My Students Learning card, the data is now plotted on a midline making it easier to see which students are falling behind and why.  Instructors can “hover” over each student and see how much practice they’ve completed, and their current learning estimate (low, medium or high).


Acrobatiq Dashboard Card


New Method for Module Counts:

To make it easier for students (and instructors) to see how many modules are included in a Unit, the Module count in the Table of Contents now includes only numbered Modules.


New Module Counts


Please share your feedback.

Acrobatiq 4 is available to customers now.  Please do not hesitate to share your feedback or comments on these, or any Acrobatiq platform feature.



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