4.0 New Features and Improvements for Course Authors


New auto tagging authoring mode:
When this feature is enabled, assessments are automatically tagged to the learning objective on that page. Additionally, you can change the auto tagging feature at the question level. With this feature, full skill maps are no longer needed, but authors who do not wish to use this feature can continue to build from the skill level.  

New text editor with enhanced capabilities:
Updates include new Toolbar features, the ability to insert file types such as PDFs, a new glossary term icon, "Redo" and "Undo" buttons, and expanded table functionality.

New equation editor with simplified interface:
A more intuitive interface allows for easier input of equations.

Ability to select projects as favorites in Smart Author and quickly view recent projects:
This enhancement allows projects to be designated as favorites. Starred and recent projects are favored for faster loading time, and the last view (tables or cards) is retained.

Ability to abort a scheduled maintenance batch:
For customers who use Acrobatiq's maintenance tool, the ability to abort a scheduled maintenance batch allows greater flexibility. Previously, only a pending or staged maintenance batch could be canceled.



If you are a current Acrobatiq customer and have questions about these or other instructor features, please reach out to your Engagement Manager.

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