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Table of Contents

The Table of Contents page includes a list of units and modules. Click each unit to expose the nested modules and the scored assessments.


Quick Access to Units, Modules, Pages

You can view and access the unit contents and module contents by using the Navigation tool at the top left of each Acrobatiq page. This menu functions as a table of contents, and you can access it from any page within the course. 

The Locator icon Screen_Shot_2019-03-26_at_3.24.22_PM.png  shows exactly where in a course a user is working:



Page Navigation

Jump to Any Page

Enter a page number in this field and hit Return to jump to that page. Or use the Back or Forward arrows to navigate one page in either direction:


Once on a page, the navigation widget will show you where in the Module you are by

  • identifying the pages within the Module



  • and how far along in the module you are—the scrubber shows your location within the current module and can be moved to navigate to any page within the module.



Use Keywords to Find Content

The Search field finds content throughout the course, not just on the page where you're located:



Note: If you are searching only the current page, use your browser's find-on-page tool.
Help: How to Contact Acrobatiq Support
In the profile drop-down menu at the top right of any page, click Help to send a message directly to Acrobatiq Support or to access articles that answer common questions.