Adaptive Activities: Getting Ready

Getting Ready Activities are adaptive components that test students knowledge of key prerequisite topics which they should know before beginning the course content. The Getting Ready Check is an adaptive assessment that delivers a series of questions which are measured against learning objectives.

The number of questions in each Getting Ready Check will vary in length based on student performance. At the end of the assessment, students may encounter additional pages of prerequisite material tied to their performance. This personalized instruction prepares them for success in the course.

Student Experience

Students will encounter a Getting Ready Check once at the beginning of the course. Questions are tied to Learning Objectives in the course; if a student demonstrates mastery of a topic, they are vended additional questions related to other Learning Objective until the assessment is finished. This assessment is intended to gauge student mastery only. Students cannot re-take the Getting Ready Check to improve their outcome. 

Once the student has completed the assessment, they are informed of any prerequisite topics for which they will be given content. Those pages will now appear in the module navigation menu and help them prepare for the course content.

Reviewing Student Work

Once students have completed the Getting Ready, instructors can review access their work through:

The Gradebook 

View Student Work Mode 

The Learning Dashboard



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