StatTutors and Other Formative Activities


StatTutors are formative assignments scored on completion; they appear in the Table of Contents and the Gradebook. Students are asked to work through a statistics process and answer questions before they can move on to the next step. They can answer the questions as many times as they want. Hints and feedback are available, as in other formative activities. The StatTutor is graded based on percentage completed; students who continue to work the activity until they reach the end, they will receive full credit. 

Note: The option students select for downloads of StatTutor data sets will be the default option throughout the course. 


Formatives with Statistics Software

There are formative activities and assignments throughout the course which ask students to follow instructions for a statistics software package in order to answer questions. The course currently supports instructions for 11 different packages. The instructions in the activity can be changed by selecting the drop-down "Alternatives" and changing the software. Once a student selects a package, the rest of the activities in the course will default to that package. Institutions and instructors can decide if they want all students to use the same package or let them choose their own. 



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