Assessment Settings

Understanding the Assessment Settings Tab

The Assessment Settings tab (accessed through Course Settings option in the Profile Menu) controls the number of attempts allowed for each assessment, which attempts are recorded, feedback availability, and late work policy. The settings on this page apply to your entire course.

Note: these settings may affect how individual assessment settings interact. 



Attempts & Scores

Under the General tab, you will find options for setting the number of attempts a student is allowed to take and for computing the student's score on the assessment. 

Feedback Availability

Feedback refers to what a student sees after they have completed an assessment attempt. You can control the feedback availability differently for assessments that do or do not have a scheduled deadline:

Note: Consider how these settings interact with:

  • Number of attempts
  • The proportion of overall grade they affect
  • Whether firm deadlines are set for assessments


There may be formative value to settings feedback to appear before a second attempt if the assessment is scored on the first attempt only. 

Late Work

This option sets a default policy for your course regarding acceptance of late work. Unlike the other settings on this page, this setting applies to both assessments and assignments.

If you choose not to allow students to submit late work, they cannot begin or submit an attempt after the deadline. 

If you choose to allow students to submit late work, there are two additional options.

Allow students to start a new attempt after the deadline. If this is not selected, students can submit an attempt started before the deadline, but not start a new attempt.

Accept late work after the deadline only with instructor approval. If this option is off, late work will be indicated as late but recorded automatically. With this option, each late submissions must be manually approved in the Gradebook. 


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