Course Navigation: My Courses, Table of Contents, Profile Menu and Navigation Bar

Course Navigation: My Courses, Table of Contents, Profile Menu and Navigation Bar

Last Updated: Aug 04, 2018 09:38AM EDT

The My Courses Page

To enter any course click the name of the course or Begin — this will open the Table of Contents:




The Table of Contents — your starting point


Details about course content are found here — units, modules, assessments, and their schedules. Click each unit to expose the nested modules and learning objectives. Scheduling settings for each unit, module and the assignments within each can also be accessed here:




Assessments — access and scheduling


To access an assessment from within the Table of Contents, navigate to the unit and then to the module containing the assessment:



To schedule an assessment date of availability, due date, or to set individual student exceptions, click the clock icon. Students schedule see details in the same line as the assessment title.

See a full list of help articles related to scheduling.


The Profile Menu — available on any course page


Use this menu to access teaching tools and other course components:





      Profile Menu Options: 


  • My courses — jump to a summary of all current courses

  • Table of contents — return to the table of contents for the course 

  • Instructor Dashboard — customize cards which provide insight into student progress and performance

  • Grade Book — see students' performance in real-time

  • View Student Work — replicates the view of any student in your roster, with the ability to see the student's formative and summative work from their perspective

  • Course Settings — course information, manage users, assessment settings

  • My Scores — view students scores, progress on particular activities, export data

  • My Profile — update profile and change password

  • Browser Check — check compatibility of your browser to optimize your experience

  • Help — use this form to contact Acrobatiq Support or link to the Support Center


The Navigation Bar — jump to any course location


Located in the top right corner of every page, the Navigation Bar is a horizontal-scrolling list of course units and modules — a version of the Table of Contents. Reveal it by clicking the icon of three horizontal bars in the top right of any page within the course.




When expanded, the Navigation Bar's blue Contents box is anchored and contains a link to the Table of Contents page. The other panels in the Navigation Bar scroll, and enable the user to jump to the beginning of any unit or module by clicking the corresponding unit or module title:





Page navigation — jump to any page


Enter a page number in this field found on any page of your course and hit return to jump to that page. Or use Back or Forward arrows to navigate one page in either direction:



Search — use keywords to find content


The Search field finds content throughout the course, not just on the page where you're located:



If searching just the current page, it's suggested you use your browser's find-on-page tool.


Resume Working — your last location in the course


Click the Resume Working button at the top of the Table of Contents page to access your last location in the course. The functionality does not extend to View Student Work mode; if you need to use it this mode must be engaged each time you return to the course. 


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