Summative (Scored) Assessments


Summative assessments are scored, and they appear at the end of every module and/or unit depending on your course. 


Answer Key

An answer key link, available to instructors and mentors only, exposes the answers to all the questions in the assessment. 

Click here for more information.

Multiple Attempts and Scoring

Parameters for multiple attempts and different scoring options are available in the Course Settings, under Assessment Settings.

Click here for more information on controlling the assessment settings.

Scheduling Available and Due Dates

Assessment schedules can be applied in two places: the Table of Contents and the assessment cover page. Access the cover page (where you communicate the schedule, scoring method, and other terms to students before they begin the assessment) by clicking the assessment title. Schedules apply globally to the roster, but you can make exceptions for individual students within the scheduler.

Click here for full instructions on using the scheduling tool.
Click here for full instructions on scheduling an individual student exception.

Releasing Scores and Feedback

If you have applied a schedule to an assessment, students will not receive scores or feedback on their submissions until the deadline passes.

If no schedule is in place, scores and feedback are available to students immediately upon submission. Keep this distinction in mind when determining how many attempts to grant and how the Acrobatiq assessment scores will factor into your students' class scores. 



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