Manual Password Reset


Password Resets

Note: This applies only to students not using an LMS. Users of Blackboard, D2L or Canvas do not need and Acrobatiq password. 

New users and existing users changing their Acrobatiq password will be prompted to create a new, complex password. Existing users will not be prompted to change their password unless the account has been inactive for 90 or more days or if they have been locked out after multiple incorrect password entries.

Instructors can initiate password resets or "unlock" student accounts where too many password attempts have been made. 

For instructors to reset a password: 

  1. Use the key icon to the right of each student name in the class roster located within the "Course Settings" drop-down menu.

  2. Create a temporary password for the student. Students can then use this temporary password to log in and will immediately be prompted to create a new password for their account.



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