Delete and Reset a Student's Attempt on a Checkpoint or Quiz


Follow these directions to delete a student's attempt on a checkpoint or a quiz:

Enter View Student Work (VSW) mode on your My Courses page or through the Profile Menu at the top-right corner of any in-course page. Click View Student Work for the student whose attempt you need to delete.


Note theScreen_Shot_2019-04-03_at_1.11.35_PM.png icon in the upper-right corner of the screen that denotes the student view mode.
You are now viewing the Table of Contents for a particular student. Within the Table of Contents, navigate to the unit, module, and assignment you wish to adjust:


Click on the assignment to reveal the assessment. Under Student Attempts, click Delete attempt​:


Confirm that you want to delete the attempt. Confirming the action will make another attempt available to the student (if the due date for the assignment has not passed). Note: This action is permanent, and a deleted attempt cannot be retrieved. 


To exit VSW mode at any time, click theScreen_Shot_2019-04-03_at_1.11.35_PM.png icon and choose Exit Student View.


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