Delete and Reset a Student's Attempt on a Checkpoint or Quiz


Follow these directions to delete a student's attempt on a checkpoint or a quiz:

Enter View Student Work mode on your My Courses page or through the Profile Menu at the top-right corner of any in-course page. Choose "View Student Work" for the student whose attempt you need to delete.


Note theScreen_Shot_2019-04-03_at_1.11.35_PM.png icon in the upper right corner of the screen which denotes the student view mode.
You are now viewing the Table of Contents for a particular student. Within the Table of Contents navigate to the Unit, Module, and Assignment you wish to adjust:


Click on the assignment to reveal the assessment. Under Student Attempts click Delete Attempt​:


Confirm that you would like to delete the attempt. Confirming the action will make another attempt available to the student (if the due date for the assignment has not passed). NOTE: This action is permanent, and a deleted attempt cannot be retrieved: 


To exit VSW mode at any time click theScreen_Shot_2019-04-03_at_1.11.35_PM.png icon and choose "Exit Student View".


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