Change a Student's Score


You can change a student's score on any graded activity. 

This adjustment changes only the percentage allocated for the assignment. It does not adjust the original point total for the activity. You have the option to make comments about the change; these comments are included with the student notification. Students receive notifications for all adjustments made to their original scores when they log into their course.

To make a change to a score for any assessment or graded assignment, locate the score in the Gradebook and click on the percentage for that activity. Then click View Student Work


In View Student Work, click Change score:


On the next screen, adjust the percentage score. You may also add a comment that the student will see along with the adjusted score:


In View Student Work, both the original and adjusted scores are recorded. The original scores remain but are struck through:


In View Student Work, you can also remove or amend the changed score. If you remove the change, the score reverts to the original score for the assignment. 


In the Gradebook, an asterisk indicates the adjusted score. Click the score to see the details. Click View Student Work to change an adjusted score or revert to the original score:



Student Experience of a Changed Score

When a score is changed, students see a banner notifying them of the change the next time they log into the course.

Information about an adjusted score is also available in the student's My Scores page.

Students can also see a changed score and instructor's comment on the assignment page.

Clicking the "i" (information) button reveals the instructor comments.


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