Canvas: LTI Integration and Data

What information is shared via the data exchange?

For gradebook integration, the Acrobatiq platform does not request any additional information from the learning management system (LMS). This integration solely allows Acrobatiq to send data to the LMS gradebook. No data outside of the current LTI connection is sent from the LMS to the Acrobatiq platform. Also note that access is limited by instructor approval for each course section. Instructors will be asked to authorize Acrobatiq to access their course when they first access the (Acrobatiq) course content. Acrobatiq can then access the LMS gradebooks only where the instructor has granted that access. The following lists describe the data exchange.

Data FROM Canvas TO Acrobatiq (via LTI connection):

  • First name of student
  • Last name of student
  • Email address of student
  • Canvas User ID of student
  • Canvas course ID

Data FROM Acrobatiq TO Canvas (via API connection):

  • Assessment title
  • Assessment outcome (grade)
  • Canvas User ID of student
  • Canvas course ID


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