Template Courses: Create Multiple, Identical Acrobatiq Courseware Sections


What is a template course?

Acrobatiq sets up a template course to meet your specifications; the template course is then used to create any number of identical course sections in your learning management system (LMS) for current or future semesters. The template course URL will be added to the master course shell in your LMS.

How is my section created?

When courses are copied into an LMS, Acrobatiq creates a new course section on its platform that corresponds to each section within your LMS. The first time you click the Acrobatiq link from within the LMS course, a new section of the course is created. 

What is the student experience?

When students click the LTI link from within their LMS, Acrobatiq will automatically determine the correct Acrobatiq section based on the course identifier provided by the LMS and place those students accordingly. All assignments completed will be reflected in the Gradebook for the correct section.


What can I update?

Once a section has been created within Acrobatiq, you can personalize the course using the Course Settings.

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