Adaptive Activities: Apply What You Know and Personal Practice


Apply What You Know and Personal Practice activities are adaptive, formative assignments which generally appear at the end of a module prior to the paired summative assessment. This provides students with personalized practice to prepare them for the assessment.  

As students work through a module and answer formative questions, the platform generates a learning estimate for each relevant learning objective. When students complete the Apply What You Know or Personal Practice assignments, the platform delivers questions determined by their learning estimate. 

Students receive feedback as they answer questions and this helps prepare them for the quiz. Students receive a score based on the percentage complete on these assignments. 

The student’s performance against the learning objectives in the module determines the questions they get in the activity:


A low performing student who struggled will see additional low and medium level questions that scaffold up to the "core" questions all students receive. 

A mid-level performing student will see only the medium and core questions; based on their learning estimate they are delivered some scaffolding but not as much a low-performing student. 

A high-performing student will not see any scaffolded questions, only the core questions. 


In addition to questions, content can be tagged to learning objectives and delivered only to students with lower learning estimates as additional support or remediation.

Apply What You Know and Personal Practice are formative activities and therefore not graded, but this can be changed in the Course Settings. 

 Note: Data shows that students who complete this adaptive activity perform better on module quizzes. 



Each Apply What You Know and Personal Practice contains core questions that all students receive. However, for students who have struggled with the material, there are additional questions and content that scaffold up to those core questions. These scaffolded questions help those students prepare for questions that are most similar to ones they may see on the quiz. 

If a student enters the activity without doing any work in the module, they will not have any learning estimates related to that content and will be given all the available questions. 

Below is a side-by-side view of questions from these activities. On the left is a student with a high learning estimate; they receive 4 questions on this first page of this sample activity. On the right is a student with a low learning estimate; they receive 8 questions total on this page, and they receive additional questions and content that the student with the high learning estimate does not receive. 


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