Late Work Approval


If the option to "Require instructor approval of late work" is selected as the late work policy on the Course Settings page, instructors will have the option to accept or reject late work (for a review of late work policies, see the Assessment Settings page).




To approve a student's late work follow these steps:  

1. Instructors accept late work from within the Gradebook; all submitted items that require instructor approval will have a clock icon in the place of the score. Click the clock icon and then click View Student Work.   

2. To review information regarding the attempt, click Late Submission. The pop-up screen will provide instructors with information regarding when the assignment was started and submitted. 

Note: Instructors have options to Accept work or Do not accept work. Once work is accepted, the score will appear in the Gradebook. Instructors will be able to review and/or delete attempts. 



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