Bookshelf for iOS: 4.4 Release Notes

4.4 Release Notes

What's new?

Flashcards: Review flashcards on your iOS device for focused study on the go.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with sideloading DRM free EPUB files
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes.



Flashcards_Step_1.png Flashcards_Step_2.png

Select Flashcards in your Book

Choose the Flashcard deck to review



Review your cards and track your progress

Repeat and Shuffle your flashcards until you know them all. 


VitalSource is excited to announce flashcards for the student reader. As a platform dedicated to student-centric learning, we strive to add new useful study tools to assist students in their comprehension of course materials better. 

Flashcards for Bookshelf Mobile allow students to review and grade themselves on flashcards they made in Bookshelf Online. 

Study your flashcards online or offline, filter by your level of confidence, and shuffle them to increase difficulty.  

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