Sampling User Guide for Publisher Representative


Sampling Dashboard/Menu

When the Publisher Rep logs in now, they have their own dashboard where they are able to send recommendations and view recommendations that were sent.



Note: with a Publisher Rep role you will not see the "VitalSource Manage" icon, as is shown above. This is only seen with a Publisher Admin role.


Sending Individual Recommendations

Publisher Reps can send recommendations individually on a case by case basis using the instructions below:

  1. Log in to with your VitalSource credentials if you have not already.

  2. Make sure the country flag is appropriately set to your country (Canadian instructors send via the US sampling portal)

  3. Search the ISBN for which you wish to send a recommendation

  4. Click the orange “Send Recommendation” button next to the title.

  5. Enter the professor’s email address and click “Create New” if they are not already in your database.

  6. Fill in all the appropriate information for this recommendation.

  7. Press the Enter button on your keyboard or select “Send Recommendation”



Sending Bulk Recommendations

Publisher Reps can now send recommendations using a bulk template. Download the CSV template, add the information to the file, save it to your computer, and upload the file with information to send the recommendations.



Note: At this time, recommendations do not expire and cannot be unsent/deleted. If an unaccepted recommendation needs to be cancelled, please reach out to VitalSource Support and include the following:
- Email of publisher who sent the recommendation
- Email of instructor(s) they wish to remove the recommendation(s) from
- Title/ISBN of all recommendations they wish to remove [for each account]
*If you'd like to remove all unaccepted recommendations sent by a specific publisher rep/admin after a specific date, please include that info as well.



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