Sampling User Guide for Publisher Administrators


Sampling Dashboard/Menu

The landing page for a Publisher Administrator shows the different administration options that are available to you. As we continue to upgrade the sampling experience, this page will start to show information that will be helpful for you as a Publisher Administrator (for example release notes, new VitalSource Bookshelf ® feature updates, etc.)


Instructor Request Review Page

Approving or Denying an Instructor Request

Please note that requests on this list are not for the book access, but for instructor status. While it is true that if you verify this user as an instructor in the region they have requested they will then have access to the text, it is also true that once a user is verified they will not go through this verification process again, so the request you are asked to consider is 'Is this user an instructor, AND do I wish to allow them access to the text via the Educator's Portal.'

As a Publisher Administrator you will be able to bulk approve or deny instructor requests on the main Instructor Requests landing page. By checking the box on the left-hand side, you will be able to check all or a portion of the users up for review and then click “Approve” or “Deny”. You may also click a user’s request to view more information about the user and their request before approving or denying the access.

Sorting and Downloading Your Requests

You may sort and filter by region or download the list of instructors who have made requests will continue to be available, as well as the ability to click through to a user’s request to view more information about the user and their request before approving or denying the user.



Publisher’s Menu


As a Publisher Admin you will be able to view all of the companies with which you are associated in a Publisher Administrator role. We base the company setup shown in this area information from VitalSource Manage. If you believe any information may need to be updated please contact your VitalSource Customer Success Manager.


You are now able to search across companies for user, campaign code, etc. to ensure they click through to the correct company to manage events or persons.

Publisher Administrators will now be able to create other Publisher Administrators for the companies they are associated with and will not have to rely on a VitalSource administrator to add the Publisher Administrator user for them. Also, they will continue to manage Publisher Reps, Campaigns, Recommendations, etc. in bulk or individually.


Dashboard: Publisher Menu Option



Manage Campaigns

Recommendations can be grouped under Campaigns if you wish to be able to track and manage your data this way. To add a campaign click on Manage Campaigns. You will add the code (this needs to match with your CRM if you use one) and name your campaign. You may also select what emails publisher representatives receive on sending a recommendation. By default you will see a campaign called vitalsource_default and this can be used if you do not wish to set up a custom campaign.



Manage Admins: Grant Access

Publisher Admins are those at your company who will be approving instructor requests. Reps at your company who will solely be sending recommendations do not need admin access, and we recommend only listing a person as an Admin if they will actively be approving instructor verification requests and/or will serve as backup to that role.



Manage Reps

To allow a rep at your company to send recommendations to instructors you will add them as a Publisher Rep by clicking the Manage Reps button in the Publisher Menu. Click Grant Access in the upper right hand side and follow the instructions. We recommend culling this list occasionally



To add new Publisher Reps in bulk click on Manage Reps then the Grant in Bulk button. Your file must be a csv and contain the column headers "First Name" "Last Name" "Email Address"



Manage Notifications

Email notifications reminders can be set up to remind you to verify any pending instructor requests. These reminders can be sent on a Daily, Weekly, or Monthly basis. 


Send Recommendations (Bulk)

The Send Recommendations button allows you to upload a spreadsheet of recommendations in bulk. The spreadsheet you upload must have a header row that contains the column names listed on the page. For instructions on how to send a single recommendation please see the following article: Sending Individual Recommendations.


View Bulk Recommendations

To view the status of the Recommendations you uploaded in Bulk  click on the View Bulk Recommendations button.  You can then click in on each import to confirm if the upload was successful or errored.



At this time, recommendations do not expire and cannot be unsent/deleted. If an unaccepted recommendation needs to be cancelled, please reach out to VitalSource Support and include the following:
- Email of publisher who sent the recommendation
- Email of instructor(s) they wish to remove the recommendation(s) from
- Title/ISBN of all recommendations they wish to remove [for each account]
*If you'd like to remove all unaccepted recommendations sent by a specific publisher rep/admin after a specific date, please include that info as well.


Sampling Reports Link

 The Sampling Reports link will take you Please sign in with your Manage username and password. This is different than your VitalSource Sampling login. You will only be able to access this if your Manage account has the correct permissions. If you are a Publisher Admin and unable to access this link, or for training on how to use the information in the reports, please reach out to your VitalSource Customer Success Manager.


VitalSource Manage Link

The VitalSource Manage link will take you to Please sign in with your Manage username and password. This is different than your VitalSource Sampling login. Should you have questions about how to use VitalSource Manage please reach out to your VitalSource Customer Success Manager.



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