Sampling User Guide for Publisher Administrators

New Features:

  • New Sampling Dashboard/Menu
  • New Instructor Request Review Page
  • Ability to Bulk Approve/Deny Instructor Requests
  • New Publishers Menu (Manage Reps)

New Sampling Dashboard/Menu


When the Publisher Administrator user logs in to the Sampling Portal, the user lands on the “Instructor Request” page. The Publisher Administrator can then switch to other views by clicking on the notebook icon in the upper right-hand section of the page. We replaced this login view with a new Publisher Administrator dashboard.


New Sampling Menu

The new landing page for a Publisher Administrator shows the different administration options that are available. As we continue to upgrade the sampling experience, this page will start to show information that will be helpful for the Publisher Administrator user (for example release notes, new VitalSource Bookshelf ® feature updates, etc.)


New Instructor Request Review Page


The Publisher Administrators could not bulk approve/deny instructor requests. When the Publisher Administrator reviewed the open instructor requests, they had to evaluate and approve or deny each user by clicking through to that user’s information and then clicking the approve or deny button. This functionality will still be available; however, we have added functionality to make it easier to approve and deny instructor requests on the main Instructor Requests page.



New Instructor Request Review Page

The Publisher Administrator will be able to bulk approve or deny instructor requests on the main Instructor Requests landing page. By checking the box on the left-hand side, they can check all or a portion of the users up for review and then click “Approve” or “Deny” without having to click through to each user’s info.

The ability to sort and filter by region or download the list of instructors who have made requests will continue to be available, as well as the ability to click through to a user’s request to view more information about the user and their request before approving or denying the user.



New Publisher’s Menu


A Publisher Administrator could manage some functions in the Sampling Portal like Campaigns, Reps, Notifications, and Recommendations. On their main Publisher page, the Publisher Administrator could view the various companies they are associated with and can then manage the various aspects as needed. The user experience currently requires a lot of clicks to get to the functionality that the Publisher Administrator would like to manage.

Manage Campaigns


Manage Publisher Reps


Manage Notifications


Send Recommendations


New Publisher’s Menu

The Publisher Administrator will have a Publisher's page link on their main dashboard. When they select the Publishers page, they will be able to view all of the companies associated with as a Publisher Administrator. We base the company setup shown in this area on the way that companies are set up in our Manage product. As part of the company info changes, the Publisher Administrator will be able to search across companies for the user, campaign code, etc. to ensure they click through to the correct company to manage events or persons.

Publisher Administrators will now be able to create other Publisher Administrators for the companies they are associated with and will not have to rely on a VitalSource administrator to add the Publisher Administrator user for them. Also, they will continue to manage Publisher Reps, Campaigns, Recommendations, etc. in bulk or individually.

Dashboard: Publisher Menu Option


Manage Administrators: Grant Access


Manage Representatives: Grant Access (Individually)


Manage Representatives: Grant Access (Bulk)