Duplicate Request Error in Blackboard

Some students using Blackboard may encounter an error when
accessing their Acrobatiq content.

This is not an Acrobatiq error. It is related to the version of Blackboard your institution is using and is caused by clicking "launch" after initiating the Acrobatiq link in Blackboard. If you see this error message please follow the instructions below to resolve the issue:



To avoid the error click on the link in Blackboard to launch your Acrobatiq course: 



On the next screen do not click launch or cancel. Wait. Based on your server speed it may take a few moments for your course to load:



If you have already encountered this error message please clear cookies and cache on your browser and use these instructions to log in again through the Blackboard portal. 

If this article describes the error you encounter but has not helped you resolve it, please contact your institution's Blackboard administrator or IT Help Desk. 

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