Paying For A Course After Trial Period Has Ended

All students can access an Acrobatiq course for a free 17-day free trial period. If payment is not made before the trial period has ended, users will be prompted to enter a Credit Card, PayPal payment or Acrobatiq Redemption Code before they can access their course:


1. Select Pay Now:


2. Choose method of Payment: 



2. Enter Credit Card or Acrobatiq Redemption Code then select Continue:




3. Payment confirmation appears on the My Courses Page.



Note: Typically, a Redemption Code is purchased at the bookstore or delivered electronically by PDF purchased from the bookstore. The price displayed within Acrobatiq is the price Acrobatiq charges the University bookstore.  Bookstores often add a surcharge and the price paid by student may vary from the amount displayed.





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