Bookshelf for Mac and Windows: Redesigns coming to the Library User Interface - December 14, 2018

VitalSource Bookshelf is getting a new look!

VitalSource is in the process redesigning Bookshelf's Library to streamline the way you interact with your content.


This sounds great! When will it be ready?

VitalSource is targeting the week of December 17th, 2018 to begin releasing these updates. 

What's New in Bookshelf for Mac and Windows?

The changes to Bookshelf for Mac and Windows Library will:

  • Make it even easier to continue reading from the last book read.
  • See at a glance what books have reading assignments.
  • Find more detailed book information.
  • Streamline the organization of your content
  • Simplify Bookshelf's filtering and search 

Learn More about what's new in Bookshelf for Mac and Windows

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