Manage – Upload Files And Metadata: Glossary


Below is a glossary of common terms used in Manage's Upload feature, as well as other related terminology.

Term Definition
ISBN International Standard Book Number - a unique numeric commercial book identifier.
VBID VitalBook ID - the alphanumeric identifier used by our systems to uniquely identify an asset record. It is recommended to use an ISBN as a VBID.
VBK VitalBook - our proprietary content format. Our two active VBK formats are ePub and PDF. Picture Book ("PBK") files are still distributed but can no longer be modified. XML ("Dash") VBKs are no longer supported.
Asset Record The metadata record in Manage to which a VBID is assigned, identifying a piece of content intended to be delivered as a VitalBook file (VBK). 
Metadata The identifying data for a file, supplied separately from a content file. This data includes VBID/ISBN, Title, Author, Imprint, and other information.
Metadata Template The approved file formats to supply metadata to Manage are XLS and XLSX.
File Type Approved content file formats for VBKs are PDF and ePub. The upload tool will also handle metadata templates, and later, cover images in JPEG format.
Association The process by which a file and VBID are matched, readying a content file for ingestion.
File Size Maximum supported file size is 1.25GB per file. Larger files will be rejected.
PBK "PictureBook" format, the first PDF VitalBook format. Though we still have PBK's in our inventory, we no longer allow changes to their records. Please contact your customer representative for more information.
DASH A proprietary XML-based VitalBook format. DASH is no longer supported by Bookshelf. Most of these titles have been phased out or converted to ePub. Please contact your customer representative for more information.
VBK Type Mismatch Once a VBK type has been set it cannot be changed. Trying to ingest a PDF onto a VBID with an ePub VBK type, for example, is not allowed. 
Status The state of your ingestion request. All submitted content files follow this (high-level) ingestion path:
  Uploading > Processing (Preflight) > Processing (Building VBK) > Processing (Transforming for Online) > Finished
Status Icon 
The following icons are used as a shorthand to display an asset's state in the build system.
enqueued.png processing.png success.png rejected.png build-error.png
Waiting Processing Done Rejected Build Error
Waiting Your build is either uploading to the cloud or waiting in the queue. Your build has not yet started processing.
Processing Your build is in the process of being ingested
Done Your build has finished processing and is in inventory.
Rejected The submitted file was rejected while we were trying to process it. This is likely due to issues with the content itself. See the record's detail page for more information.
Build Error Your build attempted ingestion but a critical error occurred which prevented ingestion from completing. This could be related to the content or an issue with our ingestion system. See the record's detail page for more information.
Asset Details Page This page displays some high-level metadata about your title, along with a link to Manage and build success or error message.
Activity Page This page shows your personal upload activity and, depending on permissions, other members of the companies you belong to.
Activity Filter The filter can be used to choose a subset of upload activity to view.