Library View

Navigating the Library

Once Signed in to your Bookshelf account, you’ll have access to your library. To read a book on your mobile device or computer, you must download it, tap on any title to begin downloading.





Online (Browser)


Desktop (Application)


Library Navigation

You will need to download an eTextBook to your device to navigate through the book. For the Online access of Bookshelf, no file download is necessary for book navigation.

  • Tap on the following icon menu_button.png on your mobile device to access the Main Menu to manage your account and more.


Find by Title or Author

Search for a specific title by entering the book's name or author and then tapping the search button.


Reading a book.

To read a book on your mobile device, you must first download it.

Titles with no checkmark in the upper-right of the eTextBook cover will require a download to your device; to do this, you only need to tap on the eTextBook cover.  To open a book, tap on the cover of downloaded books.


Book Details

Tap/click the More Information icon, the "i" within a circle to see the following information:

  • Book Title
  • Book Author
  • Publisher
  • Format
  • Date Published
  • VBID
  • Book URL

Tap the Remove from Device select "Remove from Device" to delete the book from your device.  This does not remove the book from your account; it only removes it from the device.


Redeem a Code

You cannot Redeem a Code from any iOS device. Please see the Redeem a Code Support link for instructions on redeeming a code on another device.