Downloading your eTextbook

Downloading your eTextbook

PLEASE NOTE: Downloading your book from the server requires an active internet connection

VitalSource Bookshelf's eTextbooks need to be downloaded to your computer. The file size of a textbook can range from a few MB to 1GB depending on the book size, book type, and contents of the eTextbook. Once you have successfully downloaded the eTextbook to your computer you do not need to be connected to the internet to view it again. VitalSource Bookshelf has the ability to pause and resume downloads. Speeds for downloading a VitalSource eTextbook will vary based on the book size being downloaded and internet connection.

VitalSource eTextbooks can be purchased from the VitalSource Store or from one of our partners. If you were given a Redemption code you will need to activate it before you can download your book.

How to download your eTextbook:

Update your Book List:

  • Launch Bookshelf.
  • Upon Launch of Bookshelf, Bookshelf will check to see if there have been any changes to your book list.
  • If any changes are found Bookshelf will ask if you would like to Update your Booklist.
  • Press the Update Now button to update your Booklist.

Downloading your Book:

  • Open Bookshelf.
  • Click All Titles in the Collections (Left) pane of Bookshelf.
  • Any Book that has a yellow triangle next to it is a book that hasn't been downloaded.
  • Double-Click the book to add it to the download queue. You will be presented with a confirmation dialog box to confirm you wish to download the book.

To pause/resume a downloaded book:

  • While a book is downloading, click Downloads in the Collections (left) pane of Bookshelf.
  • Click the beside the title you wish to pause. If you have a list of books queued up to be downloaded and you want to cancel them all, right-click Downloads in the Collections (left) pane of Bookshelf and select Cancel all Downloads.
  • To resume a book download, locate the book that you want to resume downloading and double-click on it.
  • You will be prompted if you wish to download the book. Press the Download button. Bookshelf will pick up where it left off in downloading the book.

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