Reading View

The Bookshelf reader is designed to make reading frictionless, free from distractions, and enjoyable. Top and bottom navigation bars only display when the user taps on the screen.  Tap again on the screen to hide the navigation bars and show the full readable text on your screen.


Top Reader Navigation Window

The Top Reader navigation bar contains a home button that returns a user to the Library window, the title of the chapter/section the user is reading (on a tablet), and now includes Reading Tools.  Reading Tools allows you to adjust the font size, activate text to speech, search the book, and create a bookmark.

The icons that adjust the font size, activate text to speech, search the book, and create a bookmark are "sticky."  Tap them once to activate them, tap them again to turn the feature off.  Active features have an orange icon, while inactive features have a white symbol.

Bottom Reader Navigation Window

The Bottom Reader navigation bar contains icons that display the Table of Contents, your Notebook for your eTextbook, the scrubber bar allowing you to scan through your eTextbook quickly, Bookmarks, and Figure Views.

Books with page numbers will also display the page you are currently reading as well. Tap the page number to go to a specific page.

As you jump around in your eBook, blue return arrows will appear to help you return to where you left off in the book.