Attention Cengage Unlimited and Brain Users

Upcoming Changes to Cengage Unlimited and Cengage Brain 

Starting at 7 AM ET on June 28, 2019 Cengage made the decision to change the eReader used by its Cengage Brain and Cengage Unlimited family of products.  

For assistance needed with questions about Cengage Brain or Cengage Unlimited like:

  • Why did Cengage change the reader used by Cengage Brain and Unlimited?
  • I was not notified of this change and I am concerned about upcoming exams or tests
  • I can no longer access my notes & highlights that I made in the VitalSource version.
  • Why am I seeing several different eReaders when I use Cengage Unlimited or Cengage Brain?

Please contact their Customer Support at 1 (800) 354-9706 (US Residents Only) or directly. Cengage will provide support for the transition of ebooks to the new Cengage eReader.  


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