Administrators are responsible for (1) assigning users to projects, and (2) managing users for all projects in their publisher.

Invite Users

  1. Click Teams.
  2. Click Invite New User.
  3. Add First Name, Last Name, and Email.
  4. Click Invite.

You must invite each member of your Smart Author team individually.


Manage Existing Users

Find any user with the filter field. Enter a few characters from the user's name or email address to shorten the list.







Deactivate/Activate icon (above left): Allows you to update user status. The circle with the line deactivates a user. It changes to a + sign if you deactivate a user. Click the + to reactivate the user.

Edit icon (above right): Allows you to update user information. Clicking the pencil icon brings up the Edit User popout, which enables you to change the user's name or email address. You also have the option to send the user a password-reset email.





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