Tagging Skills

The Skill tag page provides a single location to tag questions in your course. You can tag skills individually and directly in pages in Smart Author or in the Assessments area, but the Skill tag page offers a way for you to see all assessment questions in one place, regardless of whether the questions appear in a formative activity on a content page, in a quiz, or in a unit test.

Skill Tag Navigation

1. Navigate to Skill Graph in the left navigation bar.

2. Click Skill tag.


3. Navigate to Select a blueprint.

4. Navigate course contents to item to be tagged.

5. Select skills to use when tagging.

6. All taggable items will be listed beneath the skills for tagging.



Select a Blueprint

There can be several different blueprints with different organizations of content, so be sure to pick the correct blueprint.



Navigate Course Content

Once a blueprint is selected, an outline of course contents populates.

Use the expansion arrows to navigate to items to tag.

You can expand units, modules, and pages to locate an activity.

Only pages that include an activity will have an arrow for more expansion. If there is no activity, the page will not be expandable. Once you select an activity, the taggable items will populate.


Skills to Tag With

Select skill(s) to be used.


Types of Skill Tags


Tag All: Tag all listed items.

Untag All: Remove tags from all items.

Skills: View list of skills in blueprint and add new skills.

Expand All: Show all detail on items.

Collapse All: Hide detail on all items.


Activity Items

After you have selected skills, you can use the tag button to add a tag to a specific item.


Tag Entire Activity

Tag an entire activity with one skill by selecting the dark blue tag button on the right-hand side of the screen that appears next to the activity.



Tag Skills to Questions

You can also tag questions in the Assessments area by following these steps:

1. Navigate to Assessments.

2. Click Activities.

3. Click the Edit icon for the activity.




4. Locate question and click Tag Skills.




5. To select an existing skill, click on the box. A drop-down menu of all current skills will appear. Select the correct skill.

6. Click Add. The skill will be listed with the question.


Tag Skills to a Learning Objective

1. Navigate to Skill Graph.

2. Select Learning Objectives.

3. Click Edit icon.

4. Click the objective to which skills will be tagged. Then click + Tag Skill for all the skills to be added to the Learning Objective.