Auto Tagging

Learning Objective Only Projects


The ability to have questions automatically tagged with Learning Objectives is available. Auto tagging eliminates the use of skills within a project. This functionality needs to be turned on by Acrobatiq.

Once enabled, all new projects created will use this Learning Objective Auto Tagging model. Using this model, developers can chose to have all inline formative questions on a page tagged with the page-level learning objective(s).

Create a New Learning Objectives Auto Tagging Project

Once the Learning Objectives Auto Tagging model is turned on for a publisher, a Customer Admin will:

1. Click Start a new project.

2. Enter a title and select a banner for the new project.

3. When the new project is available, it will appear with an icon near the project thumbnail that shows it was created with automatic learning objectives tagging. This icon helps differentiate the new project from any skills-based tagging projects that may have existed before turning on Learning Objective Auto Tagging.



Create Learning Objectives and Auto Tag

Create on the Learning Objectives Page

You can create Learning Objectives from the Learning Objectives page.

1. Click Learning Objectives from the left navigation.

2. Click + New Learning Objective.

3. Add Learning Objective title.

4. Click Submit.



Tag a Page with Learning Objectives

Once Learning Objectives are created, you may use them to tag a page.

1. Click + Add a learning objective.

2. Select an existing Learning Objective.

3. Click Add.



Create Learning Objectives While on a Page

You may create Learning Objectives while on a page.

1. Click + Add a learning objective.

2. Add the learning objective title under Create new objective.

3. Click Create and add.



Auto Tagging Questions

Auto Tag New Questions

Once a page is tagged with a learning objective or multiple learning objectives, all new questions on the page are automatically tagged with the same learning objective(s).

Note: You can remove or change learning objectives at the question level.

Auto Tagging Existing Questions

If a page has existing questions but no learning objective(s), adding a learning objective to the page provides the option for auto tagging.

1. Click + Add a learning objective, and select or create a learning objective.

2. Answer the prompt, “Should this objective be tagged to the questions already on the page?”

3. Select “Yes, tag existing questions” to tag existing questions on the page.




To add additional learning objectives to questions that are not page-level objectives, follow these steps:

1. Add the learning objective to the question.



2. When the page is saved, you will see a message, “There is practice on the page not aligned to the listed objectives.

3. If desired, click Resolve Issue.



4. Select either Add the objective(s) to this page or This is not a page objective because the objective is covered elsewhere.



5. If you select This is not a page objective because the objective is covered elsewhere, the “Hidden objectives are covered more in depth elsewhere” message appears. You can click Change to add the objective to the page.




Note: The Readiness Report points out alignment issues to alert you to possible missing learning objectives. Resolving the issue of alignment on the page does not remove the alert from the Readiness Report because the condition remains.