Accessing Blueprints

Overview of Blueprints

Once you have set up an account, you will have access to one or more projects. A project is the container for all material created for a course, such as pages, assessments, media, and learning objectives. Content is not shared between projects.

A blueprint is an organization of content; published blueprints are courses. A given content area may have multiple courses built on the same foundation, but differing in crucial ways. Blueprints provide the option of building a single course in multiple ways.


1. Log into the account you have set up at

2. You will see one or more projects. Click a project to open it.

3. Click Blueprints on the expandable left-hand menu to open a page with available blueprints.


4. Click the eye icon under Actions to preview the course.



Limiting Access

Customer Administrators are able to fine-tune access and roles on the blueprint level.
This is useful if you wish some team members to have an editing role in one or more
blueprints in a project but wish to limit that role other blueprints.  To limit access:

1. Navigate to the Blueprint page and click the Access icon for the team.


2. The default is All users with Edit Content in this project. You can select instead Only the following users:

3. Find and select a user that you wish to be able to edit content. If this option is used, users not selected, no matter what their role in the project with the exception of Customer Admin, will not be able to edit content. 


4. Click Add.

5. If editing capability for additional users are desired for this limited list, find the additional user and click Add. Repeat until all the editors have been added.

6. Click Save.