Text Editor

Text Editor Overview

The text editor provides formatting options and tools available within a Body Content section type. Images and tables may be directly added into body content. Other content types may include the following options.


Converting Text

Content that was created prior to Acrobatiq v4.0 release may remain as is. However, you have the option of converting most content types if editing is needed. While conversion prior to editing is not mandatory, best practice is to convert if editing is needed in order to take advantage of the new text editor, released in July 2018.

Convert Text from Previous Text Editor to New Text Editor

1. Go to the content section that you wish to convert.

2. Click If you wish, you can preview it in the new editor and convert it.


3. A box will open asking of the conversion looks correct to you. If it does, click New Editor. To keep the content in the old editor, click Old EditorNote: iI you select Old Editor, you will not be able to use the updated text editor tools.


4. Once conversion is complete, use the new text editor tools to edit content for that section. You will also be able to use the clipboard tool to copy the section for reuse.