Supplemental Materials (Courseware Access Codes, Interactive Content, Lab Access, Etc.)

Supplemental Materials (Courseware Access Codes, Interactive Content, Lab Access, Etc.)

VitalSource eBooks may not contain any external, third-party, or accompanying materials (such as labs, interactive content, interactive study guides, videos, audio clips, links outside the eBook, etc.). The reason they are "missing" can be due to the eBook format or copyright restrictions, for example. 

Some publisher content has this in the eTextBooks they provide directly from their platform, not a third-party platform such as VitalSource. Many VitalSource eBooks have references throughout, pointing to the publisher's online access, which is an accompanying material. If the accompanying materials are "missing," you will need to contact the publisher regarding how to gain access to the materials. 


Which eBook formats can have interactive materials?

Reflowable eTextbooks (ePub)

These eBooks can contain interactive materials, such as videos, quizzes, or links to external platforms. Please be aware that any icons in an ePub book may just be a reference to material stored on the publisher's website.


Fixed page eTextbook (PDF). 

PDFs will not contain any interactive materials. Although they may include links to external websites, they will not include interactive quizzes, videos, etc.


Access Codes

An access code is a code you redeem to access course content online, usually on the publishers' website.

When you are on the product page on the VitalSource Store, the product type will display above the price of the item. It will either state "Courseware" or "eTextbook." 




If Courseware is listed, this means that the product is an access code that requires redeeming on the publishers' website. You will also see instructions that detail how to redeem a publisher access code, shown below.




If you cannot see the courseware access instructions on the product page, this means that the product does not contain a publisher access code and is a digital textbook only. 


What if the access code doesn't work?

Courseware codes are typically course-specific and are non-transferable. You may also be required to enter a course ID, which will be provided by your instructor. You must confirm with your instructor before purchasing to ensure you select the correct ISBN for your course. If you have confirmed with your instructor that the purchase is correct, please reach out to the publisher you are trying to apply the courseware to, their customer service will be better equipped to assist you on their platform.

If you have selected the correct ISBN and still receive an error when redeeming the code, we would recommend that you contact the publisher directly. They will be able to assist if there is a technical issue preventing you from redeeming the code or confirm if you have not finished setting up your access. 

Please review our courseware refund policy before revealing any access codes that you have purchased. 

If you are unsure about the eTextbook format or if certain materials are included and would like assistance before purchase, please contact Customer Service.