California Notice of Information Collection

California Notice of Information Collection

This Notice is a short summary of the information VitalSource may collect and how we may use it. Please review our Privacy Policy for more detailed information, including any rights you may have.

Categories of Personal Information We Collect:

Depending on how our Products are used, we may collect the following categories of personal information.  See “Information We Collect” in our Privacy Policy for more details.

  • identifiers such as name, address, email address
  • commercial information such as transaction data
  • financial data such as credit card information
  • device identifiers such as IP address and unique device identifiers
  • internet or other network or device activity such as browsing history or app usage (such as your notes and highlights in the Services);
  • general and precise geolocation data;
  • user-generated content or feedback provided by Users;
  • audio or visual information;
  • physical characteristics or description (e.g., if you voluntarily submit a photo);
  • professional or employment-related data;
  • educational data; and
  • other information submitted by Users.

Purposes for which Personal Information May Be Used

Depending on the Product used, we may use the categories of personal information we collect for the following purposes. Please see "Using Information" for more details. 

  • provide, maintain, and improve the Products
  • meet our contractual commitments to Users
  • administer accounts, respond to requests, and provide Product related information
  • provide information we think Users may find useful about our products and services or those of carefully selected third parties
  • customize content supplied based on use of the Products (e.g., study recommendations, supplemental content)
  • analyze use of the Products,
  • secure and protect the Products or Users, and
  • comply with the law, detect or prevent fraud, and defend our legal rights.

We do not use Student Personal Data for any purposes other than K-12 Schools’ educational purposes unless the Data is De-identified Data. We will not use Student Personal Data for behaviorally-targeted advertising purposes, and we do not sell or rent such Student Personal Data to any third party for any purpose.

The CCPA sets forth certain obligations for businesses that “sell” personal information. We do not sell personal information based on our understanding of the definition of sale under applicable law. Please note, we do share certain personal information with our service providers and certain other entities as set forth in "Sharing Your Information" in the Privacy Policy.



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